Great Bear Chase Ski Marathon is set for Saturday

With the weather improving this weekend, a great turnout is expected for the Great Bear Chase Ski Marathon on the Swedetown Trails in Calumet.

The race will start tomorrow morning at 8:00 and officials are anticipating great conditions. Race director Angela Lufkin attributes the increase in participants to the hard work of the committee who promotes the event.

“The snow obviously helps too with the weather conditions. Sometimes, people are a little hesitant about racing in March because we may not have enough snow, but that’s not the case this year,” Lufkin said.

Portage Health is sponsoring the race, which has events of varying distances to accommodate all skiers.

“It is a way to encourage people to be active,” Lufkin said. “We have everything up from that 50K race, but those 10K races are great for just the recreational skier that wants to get out there and get moving.”

The deadline to register is 8:00 tonight, and it must be done in person at the Calumet Readiness Center.