Troopers receive ‘Lifesaving Award”

It was all in the line of duty.

Three Iron Mountain Troopers received the “Lifesaving Award” today for helping save a child’s’ life.

Four year old Vincent Rose is alive and happy thanks to three Michigan State Police troopers who helped save his life last summer. The trio was recognized for their quick thinking effort earlier today. Vincent was at a family outing at Lake Antoine when his father noticed he was ill.

“So I picked him up and I rolled him over and I noticed he was blue, wasn’t breathing and bleeding from his mouth so I immediately told my sister–in–law to call the police.  She called the police and I tried to open his airways.  He finally stabilized about an hour and a half later.  If it wasn’t for them I don’t know if he would have made it.  He’s my heart and soul, I don’t know what I’d do without him.”

Troopers say they are trained to handle situations like this, adding “you go on auto pilot and just respond.”

“Rewarding, it felt good to do a good deed.  A lot of times police get a bad rap for the things that we have to do that our part of our job.  When you have something like this, it makes it all worthwhile, said Michael Floriano, Iron Mountain Trooper.”

“After the incident is done, adrenaline is done, you get to reflect on it and it’s nice to know the child is o-k and everything worked out well, said Kelsey Sipple, Iron Mountain Trooper.”

“It’s nice to be honored for something you did but it’s more important that the young boy is here today, said Ryan Rossler, Iron Mountain Trooper”

The prestigious “Lifesaving Award” is rarely given out and is presented to Michigan State Police members who, through his or her direct actions, save a life.