Artist creates miniature version of his living trees

A Marquette artist and inventor has come up with a new version of one of his unique creations, and anyone getting married in the near future might be especially interested in it.

Earl Senchuk makes what he calls ‘living trees’, large, tree-shaped sculptures crafted out of concrete. He wanted to come up with something new on short notice for an art show he’s currently displaying at Marquette’s Zero Degrees Gallery.

“They’re kind of difficult to make, such a large tree — eight feet tall, it requires a special plumbing system, an anchoring system — so what I wanted to do was come up with a separate webinar program where I could teach people how to start out small making living tree art,” Senchuk said.

The living trees are decorated with flowers or other plants, but this three-foot-tall style of tree couldn’t support living things, so Senchuk had to think of a different name for it.

“I can’t get seven pots of the same kind of plants this time of year, so I went with artificial plants, so there are umpteen different displays that can be done. I just chose to do kind of like a bridal bouquet, and that’s why I call it a ‘wedding tree’,” he said.

The Zero Degrees Gallery is hosting a reception Friday night. Anyone who wants to learn more about Senchuk’s trees, or his other art and inventions, can meet him there from 6 until 9.