Marquette’s Arts and Culture Center’s master plan survey ends March 7th

Marquette’s Arts and Culture Center’s master plan invitation for community input is winding down.

Saving some of the best community groups for last, MACC reached out to the Marquette Beautification and Restoration Committee.

The long-term plan includes input on everything from living, working, dining, shopping, music, festivals art, or any type of entertainment Marquette residents can come up with.

As much as the plan is to see the area prosper, and while change is great, the Beautification and Restoration Committee also wants to make sure they safeguard the purity of what makes the U.P. so unique.

“Well the Beautification Committee definitely has a focus of historic preservation.  We need advocates for historic preservation and they are it,” MACC Manager Tiina Harris said.    “They are advocates for beautiful things happening in our green space so this committee is important so it will reflect in the master plan.”

“We think it is very important, and I think everyone realizes the value of art and how vital and economically viable they help a community be.  We are 100% supportive, we will continue to work with them, we are all completing the survey  and we hope everyone else will complete the survey,” Marquette Beautification & Restoration Committee Vice President Barb Kelly said.

There is still time for you to give your input by picking up a survey at the Peter White Public Library, City Hall, or by visiting the MACC’s website.

Surveys will be accepted until March 7.