Gwinn basketball teams help kids Read Across America

One of the most iconic figures in the lives of children would have turned 110 yesterday. Thing One and Thing Two would likely agree that there’s only one way to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, and that’s through reading.

Forty-five million people joined in on the fun on Read Across America Day. Students in Gwinn had a blast reading alongside the varsity basketball teams as they visited classrooms, shared stories, answered questions and tried to mentor and stress the importance of education.

“Reading is a great thing to encourage, and the kids get so excited when they see you, so it makes it all worthwhile,” girls’ basketball player Shelby Talsma said.

“I think it’s great for our players themselves to have that understanding that these kids look up to them and appreciate what they do, and have the understanding that academics also plays a big part in it. I told these classes today that in order to go to college, you’re going to need to have good grades,” boys’ basketball head coach Darren Sinnaeve said. “Here in Gwinn especially, you have to pass every class in order to be playing in sports, so they’ve got to know that early on so they can prepare themselves for when they get to high school.”

“It makes me feel good about myself, and I feel like it makes the kids want to participate in sports and do the same thing we’re doing,” boys’ basketball player Justin Nyquist said.

The Gwinn basketball team has been participating in Read Across America Day for 14 years. Coaches and players say they all remember the impact local role models had on their lives, and it’s a tradition that should never end.