“Dancing with the Stars” returns to Marquette

Glamour, glitter, and local stars will be hitting the stage soon in the second annual “Dancing with the Stars Marquette County Style.”

Here is a complete list of this year’s competitors:

Tyler Jenema and Monica Markvardsen

Jack and Kim Frost

Jennifer Huetter and Reed Benton

Julie Shaw and Jeremy Hosking

Christine Pesola and Joe Heck

Phil and Britta Pennell

Stephanie Zadroga-Langlois and Andy Langlois

Tyler and Erin Gauthier

The “Dance Professionals” that will coach, instruct, and choreograph a Ballroom Style dance are:

Jill Grundstrum, Director of Dance

Katie Boyle

Alexandrea Holley

Camilla Mingay

Maggie Barch

Upper Peninsula Hospice Foundation is putting on the glitz to bring awareness to personalized life plans for patients who are dealing with terminal illnesses.

Last year’s event was an overwhelming success, raising $30,000.

“I’ve done all kinds of fundraisers over the years and to just see the community was excited and looking forward to it.  Sometimes with fundraisers people do it because the money goes to a good cause but people were excited about this and wanted to be a part. I could have tripled I could have tripled the attendance at Forest Roberts Theater, we sold out of tickets so quickly,” DWTS Marquette County Style Coordinator Lindsay Hemmila said.

Dancers will get to step it out to a variety of musical genres from jazz to hip-hop.

The Hospice Foundation supports the “Make-A-Memory” program, similar to “Make-A-Wish Foundation”.  Hospice staff said glam and glitter aside, they do events like DWTS Marquette County Style so they can create spectacular events that are memorable for the family.

“Teach families and individuals it is more than just a tough time to get through, it’s an opportunity to connect and re-prioritize what’s important in life and have profound moments. It doesn’t have to be about death and dying but about living life to the fullest,” Upper Peninsula Home Health and Hospice CEO Jeff Nyquist said. 

 You can follow your favorite couple online as well as vote in the Fan Favorite Award by visiting www.uphomehealth.org.