Northern Michigan University ROTC program marches on

Last October, the ROTC program at Northern Michigan University was in jeopardy of being terminated. But, community leaders, University Officials, ROTC members and staff pulled together to give the program a reprieve.

If ever there was a program worth saving, cadets say it’s this one.

Reserve Officer Training Commission is an elective curriculum students take along with their required  courses, offering an accredited minor in Military Science. Sixty-three cadets are currently enrolled in the course. They say their program is unlike any other.

“Cadets’ performance at some of the key training within cadet command perform higher than the national average so the quality is there, that’s why it’s a much more viable program,” said John McLaughlin, ROTC Professor of Military Science. “Most University’s don’t have these type of resources in which they can do land navigation or platoon level operations so in that regard we are very fortunate to be in the U.P. for this.”

Cadets say along with providing scholarships, tuition and an allowance, the training regiment prepares them with the tools and experience needed to succeed in any environment.

“The leadership attributes, that’s a big thing. Like working as a team – a lot of stuff that is essential to be successful in the Army and outside the Army, as well,” noted Cadet Battalion Commander Samuel Zyburt.

Ten commissioned officers will graduate from the program and eight will go on to active duty.

Next month, the program will be re-evaluated. More information on the ROTC Program can be found by visiting Gries Hall, Room 101 or by calling 906-227-2236.