Plans for Marquette truck bypass continue to move forward

Two subcommittees from the Marquette County Road Commission and the City of Marquette are planning on reconvening to discuss the proposed bypass through the city.

The bypass would reduce the number of mining trucks going through Marquette from the Eagle Mine, and create a truck route outside of the city.  Both committees will meet in March to decide where the bypass should be constructed.

“This is kind of a collaborative thing, trying to come up with something everyone can agree on,” Marquette County Road Commission Engineer Manager Jim Iwanicki said.  “And again, there’s some additional discussions that will take place between the road commission, the City of Marquette, Marquette Township, and Negaunee Township to talk about what will be acceptable to all those entities.”

While there are no definite plans in place for the route just yet, Iwanicki said the meeting will help create a better picture going forward.