Ishpeming may soon be known as the city of change. It’s scheduled for quite a few updates in the next few years.

The changes include $2 million in facade grants to renovate seven downtown buildings, the Gateway project and a new roundabout scheduled to be completed in 2016. Ishpeming city officials say it’s time for residents to roll up their sleeves and get involved in every aspect of the beautification process.

“We want people involved in planting, preparing the soil beds, things like that flowers, soil turnover, so it’s something people can look at and point to and say, ‘Oh, I did that’, and instead of just writing a check, it’s something that is more of a community-based project,” Ishpeming Downtown Development Authority chairman David Aeh said.

They’ve even reached out to the Marquette Beautification and Restoration Committee for ideas and support.¬†Starting an Ishpeming Beautification and Restoration Committee is also in the works.

“We started out not knowing much of anything; we learned along the way,” Marquette Beautification & Restoration Committee president Tami Dawidowski said. “Maybe some of our struggles can help them learn what not to do and what works for us. Maybe they can use that same model.”

“I am looking to have a lot more community pride,” Aeh said. “Ishpeming is a city with a long, proud history. I would like to say, our best days are not behind us and the future looks pretty bright as well.”

If you’re interested in getting involved in the Ishpeming city improvements and beautification, you can call (906) 486-8680.