The Marquette County Board of Commissioners approved the county’s Food Supply Plan at its meeting Tuesday night.

The Food Supply Plan was created by the county’s planning commission.  It outlines the importance of a local food system, and identifies challenges a local food system faces in this part of the country.

“This plan is an educational tool,” Marquette County planner Thyra Karstrom said.  “First of all, it’s an opportunity for someone who may not know what a local food system is, or understand why we should be caring about local food, they can pick it up, read it, and hopefully learn a little more.”

The plan will be used as a guide to help county residents be more aware of local food, and encourage local food supply growth.

“It’s a good thing that’s going on with the local farming and local products being grown and sold in the county, so I think there seems to be a strong trend toward that continuing,” Marquette County Board Chairman Gerry Corkin said.

“I think it’s one step,” Karstrom said.  “There are several steps that are going on in the county, the region, the state (for local food supply)…so this is just one piece of that puzzle.”

The planning commission will refer to the plan while reviewing planning and regulation documents and take into consideration if a certain plan is supportive of local food supply.

The Food Supply Plan is posted on Marquette County’s website.