Dreaming of a Summer Day

When I accepted this position back in October, the first thing I did was google some information on Houghton. I knew a little about the Upper Peninsula but the only two cities I knew were Sault St. Marie and Marquette. But Houghton? Never heard of it. First thing I remember reading about was the unbelievable amount of snow the city gets on a yearly basis. Basically, I had to imagine Dearborn’s worst snowstorm and pretend it’s like Groundhog Day. A never-ending cycle. Now personally, I have nothing against the snow. It’s fun to go out sledding or making a snowman. What I can’t deal with is sub-zero temperatures. I understand that this arctic blast is mostly because of the polar vortex but it is making it really hard to like the snow. It’s like that one friend you love hanging out with until he brings his roommate and then you get really mad at him/her, even though your anger is really directed at the roommate.

But I think the one thing that has kept me from being scared off is potential. What would this place look like when it’s blue skies and 60 degrees outside? I could look at a couple pictures but I feel it wouldn’t do Houghton any justice. By the time I moved in, I had exactly one week to see all the colors of the Copper Country before the snow came down and ruined it. So I got to see what it could be. And I couldn’t be more excited to move on from the winter. When that happens remains to be seen. But I’ll wait and in the meantime, I’ll keep shoveling.