Organization aims to help drug addictions

Stories of arrests for the production of meth often dominate the daily news.  But other substances, like heroin and prescription drugs, are also a problem, even if we don’t hear about them every day.

One organization in the Upper Peninsula has made itself available to those looking to kick serious addictions.

Great Lakes Recovery Centers is a non–profit organization with locations throughout the U.P. that helps to provide treatment and prevention services for substance abuse.

Many who come to GLRC are looking for help with prescription drug addictions.

“The biggest increase we’re seeing now is in prescription drugs, even IV use of prescription drugs, the opiate family of drugs,” GLRC’s Clinical Supervisor of Services Robert Mellin said.  “That’s the fastest growing population for us.”

People who are going through their own bout with addiction are reminded that it is not a moral issue, but a disease, and seeking professional treatment early is one way to help ensure a good outcome.

“This is a brain disease. There’s changes that occur in the brain, and if you don’t get help with this, usually it’s a disease of isolation where you anger people and reject people and isolate more and more because you want to use your drug,” Mellin said.  “And you isolate your family until you’re very much alone.”

The GLRC also helps by providing referrals and linked services to other medical professionals for the treatment of a person’s physical well–being.

If you are battling an addiction and are ready to get help, you can reach GLRC by visiting their website or call 1-855-906-GLRC.