NMU to benefit from Governor Snyder’s budget

Governor Snyder released his annual budget earlier this month, with an overall increase of 6.1 percent for higher education.

Northern Michigan University will be allocated 6.3 percent of the state’s education budget based on its recent performance. The increase in funding is much larger than in year’s past, something NMU is grateful for. But, the extra money comes with a stipulation.

“This year, the Governor did put in tuition restraint language as has been the case for the last couple years in the budget bill,” said Gavin Leach, VP of Finance & Administration at NMU. “As we go through the process and come closer to a final appropriation allocation, we will be happy to have a discussion with the Board of Trustees.”

The “tuition restraint language” stipulates that public universities and colleges only receive their share of funding if they keep tuition increases under 3.2 percent. NMU shouldn’t have anything to worry about, though, as over the past four years it has only increased tuition by 1.1 percent each year.Northern is one of the more affordable public schools in the state, having the second lowest tuition.

The increase in funding will cover general operations and inflation, including items like heating bills due to severe cold weather.