Making masalas with the Marquette Food Co-op

Indian cuisine lovers had a chance to learn how to make spice mixes during a class sponsored by the Marquette Food Co-op.

The co–op taught a Make Your Own Masalas class, which is a word for mixture.  People in the class were taught how to toast spices and use them in authentic Indian recipes.

Most spices can be found at the co–op and the recipes are relatively easy to make.

“Indian food is my passion, but it also seems to be a passion of people here in the community, and since there isn’t really a place in town to get Indian food, we have to learn how to make it ourselves, right?” Marquette Food Co-op education coordinator Sarah Monte said.  “Indian is definitely one of our most popular classes we hold.”

“We’re trying to balance authenticity with easy to find, easy access to the food.”

The food co-op offers classes twice a month from September to May, ranging in different topics based on people’s interests.  In the summer, the Marquette Food Co-op has gardening classes at NMU’s Hoop House.

Monte said the classes are a perfect way to let Marquette residents learn about new types of cooking and food.

“The food co-op was started to promote access to good food, and so now that we have a store and we have access to all this good food, there’s other forms of access.  Whether that’s growing it yourself or learning how to cook the food so you know how to use all these different food products you may not be familiar with,” Monte said.  “We’re all about education about food from the ground to the plate.”

Typically cooking classes with the co-op cost $30 for non-members and $15 for members, but some classes are free of charge.  The next Make Your Own Masalas class will be offered February 18 at 6 p.m. in the home economics room at Marquette Senior High School.

For more information on classes and times, visit the Marquette Food Co-op’s website or Facebook page.