House destroyed in fire

A fire destroyed a home in Forsyth Township owned by a family of six Tuesday morning.

The Forsyth Township Fire Department said the fire happened at around 11:30 at 247 N. Ash Street.

Fire officials say the fire was caused by hot ashes from a chimney pipe that had busted away from the ceiling, releasing the ash into a closet.

The fire spread from the closet to the rest of the home, fully engulfing the structure.

A mother and her two children were home at the time of the fire.  They were able to get out of the home uninjured, but two pets died in the blaze.

The Forsyth Township Police Department was on scene for about four and a half hours.  They were assisted on scene by the Sands Township Fire Department, the Skandia/West Branch Fire Department, and Marquette County Rescue 131.  Fifteen firefighters responded to the scene.

Arrangements through the Pigs & Heat Fund and the American Red Cross have been made to help the family, who fire officials say had no fire insurance.