Propane aid meeting in Escanaba

State officials visited Escanaba today to update residents on what Michigan is doing to help people affected by the recent propane fuel shortage.

The head of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, the deputy director of the Department of Human Services and others were on hand. They say there are assistance programs available, and more money for those programs is likely coming soon.

“We’re just trying to match people up, whether it’s a supplier to a homeowner or getting the supply out to the propane distributors,” State Representative John Kivela of Marquette said. “We’re doing everything we can to match that up.”

Governor Rick Snyder has ordered state government agencies to form an inter-departmental working group. Officials from the various agencies are meeting with each other, every other day.

“We’ve established an additional $7 million for our vulnerable population for heating assistance,” Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs director Steve Arwood said. “We’re working at getting more money.”

“What we would suggest you do, if there are any questions on who you would reach out to, is contact your local 211, whom happens to be a very close partner of the Department of Human Services,” Michigan DHS deputy director Terrence Beurer said.

They also say staff members at Department of Human Services offices can point you to available resources that can help.