New ultrasound technology in the Copper Country

New Ultrasound Technology

There is a new piece of technology at Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital designed to create a stronger bond between future mothers and their babies.

Erina Stancher didn’t know what to expect when she walked in today for her ultrasound.  But her visit was anything but typical.  Thanks to this new 3D device, Ann Torola, a sonographer at the hospital, can show Erina her daughter’s eyes, nose and hands as if she was right there in front of her.

And overall, the reaction has been overwhelming.

“They love it.  It’s just provides them that glimpse of what they’ve been waiting to see with a little bit of anticipation of what’s to come,” Obstetric Physician Dr. Spring Madosh said.

Dr. Madosh says there are certain times they aim for to get the best looking pictures.

“Usually there’s a particular age range that we try and shoot for and it tends to be right around the 28 to 30 week range.  And that’s a time when the baby’s nearly fully grown and developed that we can see a good picture of their anatomy,” she said.

But how reliable can the picture really be?

“It’s very accurate.  It makes it much easier to see the baby and its features versus the 2D,” Director of Diagnostic Services Gordie Rinteala said.  “Although we get measurements from the 2D, 3D really does give us a better look at fingers, thumbs, face and nose.”

Aspirus Keweenaw is also giving away five baby gift baskets.  For more information on how to enter, head to The Birth Place page on Aspirus Keweenaw’s website.