U.P. snow biking short film series

Cool maneuvers, great tricks and unbelievable terrain are just some of the reasons why so many U.P. winter enthusiasts love snow biking. The extreme bikers’ fascination with the sport grew into a series of short films infamously known as “Cold Rolled”.

“Cold Rolled” is a five-part mini-documentary on snow biking in the U.P. The creators say they didn’t intend to create a growing phenomenon; they just wanted to capture on film a sport that has been endearing to them since they were kids.

“The first goal was just to get out and play with bikes in the snow and some nice camera equipment and see what happens,” “Cold Rolled” writer Evan Simula said. “The first day we shot, we realized that the footage was something really cool and we could do something with it.”

Weeks later, and with about 60 hours of footage, “Cold Rolled” was born. The only way to tell the complete story was to break it up into chapters and put in online. In doing so, they created a following and introduced the world to snow biking in the U.P.

“A lot of people didn’t know that the fat bikes were around and what they could do with them,” Simula said. “People did not know we had the trail network, so we are definitely getting calls and visitors to the area that we weren’t getting before and people had no idea what we have going on here.”

“Cold Rolled” is about snow biking as much as it’s about the spectacular landscape to bike on. You can watch “Cold Rolled” online at vimeo.com or travelmarquettemichigan.com.