Four new vehicles for Marquette Co. Sheriff’s Office

The Marquette County Sheriff’s Office will have four new vehicles in the coming weeks.

The department received approval from the Marquette County Board of Commissioners for three new sedans and one pick-up truck.

The current vehicles were close, or already over, the 100, 000 mile mark.

“The pick-up truck is for our special operations, which encompasses all of the recreational type activities, snowmobile, ORV, boating, search and rescue operations–things like that, so they’re always towing vehicles, towing trailers, and other small vehicles like ORV’s,” Captain David Lemire said.

“Two of the vehicles are patrol vehicles, which out of the five I have, obviously for patrol duties, and one is a traffic unit, and the other vehicle is to replace a detective vehicle.”

One of the old sedans will be donated to the Marquette County Youth Home.

“When county departments are in need of a vehicle, if it’s dependable enough–in this case this vehicle is fairly dependable, because it wasn’t a patrol vehicle it was an administrative vehicle for detectives–we’ll turn them over to county departments and they’ll use them,” Lemire said.

The Sheriff’s Office typically puts in requests for new vehicles every year, and the department will either trade-in or purchase the vehicles.