Bedside update from rescued snowmobiler

Image and Quote provided by Jessica Ludenia – Ben Senior’s Girlfriend

“Ben is up and so eager to thank people and is amazed and overwhelmed at what I’m telling him and what he’s seeing on Facebook. Literally thousands of people liking and commenting on the posts- he can’t even believe it. They didn’t even know people were searching for them. Ben would like to say:

Thanks to all of the people and rescue teams involved. Especially the heroes that found us on snow shoes, the ambulance and staff that kept us warm, the doctors and nurses, and everyone behind the scenes that we didn’t meet that was helping and searching. And a special thanks to family and friends for not giving up on us and thanks to my son, Bj, for not giving up, for having my back; I couldn’t have done it without you and thanks to God for giving us the strength to do what we had to do”