Fast-food promotion has fun with cold temps

A national fast-food chain is having a little fun with the weather and making it easier to beat the cold with some hot sandwiches. McDonald’s is running a special on the Big Mac and the Sausage McMuffin with Egg.

If you buy one at the regular price, a second one will only cost you a few pennies. The second sandwich costs as many cents as there were degrees in the noontime temperature the day before. The Thursday temperature was 3 degrees, so today, a second sandwich costs 3 cents.

“The biggest joke is, if we go below zero, do we have to give them money?,” Marquette Washington Street store manager Joe McCarthy said. “We don’t do that, but it is free if it’s zero or below.”

The “Cold Days, Hot Deals” promotion lasts through February 2nd. For restaurants in Marquette, Delta, Dickinson, Iron, Menominee and Houghton Counties, the temperature reading comes from Sawyer International Airport.