Marquette gets public input for arts and culture

Art and culture have played a large role in Marquette’s history, but it has been twenty years since the city took stock of what role the two play.

Since its been so long, the city hired two consultants to guide a plan in the right direction, but this was not the first step.

“We’ve been talking about the master plan for two years, and since September we’ve been actively engaged,” Marquette Area Arts and Culture Community Services Manager Tiina Harris said.  “We hope there will be a plan to present to the City Commission in May, and we’ll start implementing upon its approval.”

MAAC hosted two public meetings, the second of which took place Tuesday morning.

Those who attended the were asked to think about a public event that was significant to them, and how the city helped provide it.  Responses to questions will help the MAAC determine what to do next.

MAAC said it is excited to see Marquette through different eyes.