Free furnace and boiler check-ups

A state-funded program is allowing a Hancock company to provide free efficiency check-ups on furnaces and boilers. ABC 10 Keweenaw Bureau reporter Sam Ali met with the owner of Blue Terra Energy and saw first-hand what goes into a basic furnace tune-up.

With temperatures taking a big dip this season, you would hate to have your furnace or boiler break down and leave you in the cold. And with all those pipes and vents, it may seem like a daunting task to try and find out what’s wrong yourself. That’s where Blue Terra Energy steps in with their furnace/boiler check up program, designed to make sure your heating system is running safely and efficiently.

Blue Terra Energy owner David Camps says many people neglect this important part of a home. “These systems are pretty reliable,” he said. “They run and run until they fail, so people just ignore it or don’t pay attention to it. They do not know that you’re supposed to get an annual check up on your furnace.”

Camps and one of his lead technicians, Taylor, make trips across the state to talk to homeowners like Hancock resident Marcia Wilson. She says her family has been living in this house since 1975 and this is the first time they’ve had their furnace checked. She adds that when she heard about this service, she just couldn’t say no.

“I think it’s a real matter of safety and preventativeness of having a problem down the line,” Wilson said. “And also the fact that it’s a complimentary service is very appealing to us, too.”

One of the more important things Camps checks is the air coming out of the house and makes sure harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide are staying out. So what are three things you need to do to maintain an efficient furnace?

“Get your furnace or boiler checked on a yearly basis to make sure it’s running the way it’s supposed to be,” he said. “Second thing would be to check your filters and clean your filters, and have a caborn monoxide sensor installed in your home to keep the family safe. Those are the three things I recommend for any home that has a combustion burning appliance.”

If you would like to schedule a check up for your furnace or boiler, please contact Blue Terra Energy. You can do that here.