Sawyer passenger count up by more than 10%

MARQUETTE, MI – Marquette County and Sawyer Airport are very pleased to report an increase in the total number of passengers traveling to and from Sawyer in 2013.

During 2013, a total of 83,799 passengers traveled to (or through) the airport. This is an overall increase of 7,798 passengers or 10.26% over 2012 when 76,001 passengers used Sawyer in their business or leisure travel.

Sawyer officials say that for air service in the region to be successful, airports need to “capture” as many passengers as possible. Sawyer currently maintains a 40% market share of passenger travel in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Fares, the officials say,  are extremely attractive (based on a recent air fare study) encouraging passengers to use their local air service rather than travel to nearby airports.

American Airlines and Delta Air Lines continue to remain cooperative with Sawyer and its future growth needs. Negotiations are currently underway with both regional airline carriers.

“If we can continue this trend, and maintain our load factors, we are optimistic that we will be in a position to attract additional service,” states Airport Manager, Duane DuRay.

In addition to air travel, slightly over 1,586,000 pounds of inbound and outbound cargo was realized at the airport – nearly half of the cargo reported in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The amount of cargo handled was down in 2013 as compared to 2012; as well as general aviation traffic as a whole.

Marketing plans for 2014 include efforts to spur activity in the form of corporate, charter, and general aviation operations.