Unique U.P. gifts for every taste

There are some combinations that just work, like peanut butter and jelly, cake and ice cream and oil and vinegar. A local U.P. store owner is fusing uniquely-flavored oils and vinegar for a new take on an old tradition.

Everything from blood orange and lemon-fused olive oil to honey-ginger and cinnamon–pear balsamic vinegar can be found at Glenn’s Smokehouse. Sample-size bottles, free tastings and recipe ideas are all offered to accommodate the most distinct palates.

Glenn Andrews of Glenn’s Smokehouse says, “I’ve even mixed a Dijon Mustard and the Maple Balsamic…plus the flavor of the ham, it was a hit, it came out really well. I can’t look at a cut of meat now, a chicken breast or pork chop and think, ‘wow, what flavors would I like to add to that?’.”

The fused items can be used on everything from salads to meat marinades and even used to replace condiments. Gift Baskets are available as well as if you are looking for that unique U.P. gift.