Is a pet a good gift?

Many people ask family or friends for a new pet for Christmas, but there’s a long–standing belief that giving a pet isn’t a good idea.

A pet can be a great gift because few other things give back to us the way an animal does.
However, some veterinarians say a pet should never be a surprise because caring for one is a commitment. U.P. Animal Welfare Shelter employees agree.

“It’s best if you can get everyone on board to come visit with the animal that they might be interested in,” UPAWS community outreach coordinator Melaine Bell said. “Another great option we have is to offer a gift certificate for someone to come out and choose the pet.”

The holidays can be chaotic, and a high-energy environment can be unsettling for a pet.
UPAWS staff members say it may be best to go choose a pet after the excitement dies down.

“Possibly, sponsor a pet in honor of someone that maybe isn’t quite ready to bring in a new animal into their home,” Bell said. “That gift also gives on to someone else because it reduces the adoption fee for that pet.”

UPAWS also has a promotion going on. Everyone adopting a pet through Christmas Eve receives a candy cane marked with a discount off of the adoption fee. The discounts are all at least 25% off.