Decorating Christmas trees for people in need

American Eagle employees at Sawyer International Airport decided to spread their wings and turn a Christmas tree decorating contest into a demonstration of the spirit of giving.

Six themed Christmas trees were decorated. Themes ranged from The Grinch to the movie “Planes”. After decorating the trees, the employees gave the trees to people in need. Employees say it was a great experience to see all of their colleagues come together for such a great cause.

“It’s exciting,” American Eagle employee Dawn Reynolds said. “I mean, who doesn’t want a Christmas tree? It brightens everyone’s spirits for the holiday.”

“There was a grandmother and a grandfather, and the grandkids and everyone was going to be over in a day or two and they were real excited about it,” American Eagle employee Leslie Wilkinson said. “Everyone was really happy, glad to see the tree come in and all the decorations.”

The trees were all donated by Phil Brehmer, a former employee, and were all delivered today. Current employees donated the decorations, some of which were even hand-made.