AMCAB receives heating assistance funding

New legislation for those seeking heating assistance has been approved. $90 million has been allocated to Michigan heating assistance programs.

The Alger Marquette Community Action Board says they have $7 million to aid those needing deliverable fuel. The requirements have changed slightly to give people more of a long-term solution.

“They spend some time learning about energy assistance, home budgeting and other items that will hopefully put them in a position that a year from now, they’re not finding themselves short like they do this year,” AMCAB executive director Earl Hawn said. “What’s exciting is that we know there’s people who need help. When you are putting that last log on the fire, and you don’t know where that next piece of wood is going to come from because you have no resources, that’s exciting to be able to help folks that need that help.”

The $90 million will be split among many different agencies throughout Michigan, and AMCAB is just one of them. The Salvation Army and True North Community Services have both been given $13 million. The Michigan Community Action Agency Association has $8 million available, and the Superior Watershed Partnership has $1 million in award money.

AMCAB says if you need deliverable fuel assistance, which is propane or wood, you can call them to set up an appointment at (906) 228-6522 or toll-free at 1-800-562-9762.