Literacy party for Negaunee kids

Kids at Lakeview Elementary School had a rocking good time this morning at the Negaunee Public Schools’ annual Rock ‘N Read Newborn party.

Children as young as 10 months old were provided with a free book, allowing them to practice their reading skills with a parent or loved one. The district-wide program prepares future students for the school years ahead with group reading sessions, and arts and crafts projects, all in the name of promoting literacy.

“The students that are already in school aren’t able to come to Project Newborn Rock ‘N Read, which makes them a little sad at times, but we do have the parties,” program coordinator Diane Faust said. “We invite them each year; we have a couple of parties. We have one in the spring also, and it’s just to get together, to promote literacy, to provide them information (on) how important it is and just to have a little fun.”

And there was plenty of fun to be had, with Santa dropping by to say hello and hear a few more Christmas wishes. Everyone is welcome to participate in the program, so if you’d like your son or daughter to join, you can find out how on the Negaunee Public Schools website.