Negaunee Senior Center pre-holiday dinner

A special pre-holiday dinner was served today at the Negaunee Senior Center. It includes raffles, silent auctions and an appearance by some very special fourth-graders.

A cup of care, a stick of kindness and a pinch of compassion went into today’s’ meal. The staff at the Negaunee Senior Center says while it’s the last meal of the year, they wanted to make sure it was special because all of their seniors made Santa’s nice list.

“It’s really nice to see our isolated seniors come in and get to socialize and get to engage with others during the holidays and just celebrate that Christmas joy,” Lindsay Juricek of the Negaunee Senior Center said. “Everyone is so excited this time of year. It really brings out a lot of happiness in individuals.”

“Oh, the entertainment is great, wonderful voices for young people,” said Senior Center visitor Jert Cevigney.

“We like Christmas music; it’s only once a year, so it’s good to hear the familiar songs well done,” visitor Mary Troller said.

“All of it was great, it was great,” longtime Senior Center visitor Arnold Hintsala said. “A good program, food, lots of nice people, I’ve been coming here for many, many years.”

The singers were the Lakeview Chorus, a group of talented fourth-graders that entertained the crowd with some old and some new songs to set the tone for the season.