Shopko Hometown customers still signing for schools

If you want to give back to local schools this holiday season, stop by your Shopko Hometown Store. The six Shopko Hometown stores in the U.P. are busy collecting signatures for their ‘Help Us Give Back’ program.

For each signature a store collects through Christmas Eve, the Shopko Hometown Foundation will donate $1 to the school district in which the store is located.

The tally of signatures so far: Iron River has 640, and the Ishpeming store has 800. Calumet has close to 1,000 signatures. Wetmore and L’Anse each have about 1,500. The Manistique store appears to have the most in the U.P. with about 1,600.

No purchase or donation is required. You can sign once daily at any Shopko Hometown store through Christmas Eve. The donations are capped at a maximum of $2,000 per store.