‘Demo Day’ at Stright Line Archery

Archery hunters already looking ahead to the 2014 season had a chance to play with some of the newest toys on the market on Tuesday. Straight Line Archery of Ishpeming had a representative from PSE Archery visit their archery shop.


Paul Penix has been a regional sales manager for PSE the last thirteen years. Penix travels around the Midwest to show off the latest products that PSE has to offer. The 2014 PSE ‘Mainline Bows’ at rest, make the most energy of any bow in the history of archery.

PSE Demo Days allow bow hunters of all experience levels to ask any questions about their own bow, or take a new bow for a test drive.

“It gives you an opportunity to just shoot and have fun with the bow and enjoy it in a recreational state,” said Penix. “When that moment of truth arrives next fall, your confidence level will be through the roof and your ability is right there with it.”

“It’s essential to our business to have someone like Paul come in and talk to people specifically about what each individual bow can do,” said Shelley Saxwold, the owner of Straight Line Archery. “He is a very personal friend and he’s really good with new customers.”

“PSE makes an incredible product,” said Randall Wellings, the manager at Straight Line Archery. “But more than the product is the people behind the product. The company itself is phenomenal. Paul our representative is just the greatest thing since sliced bread. We probably wouldn’t carry the PSE if he hadn’t introduced us to it.”