Art project looks back at K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base

K.I. Sawyer Air Force base is closed, but it is still alive with a lot of rich history. That history has been fused and photographed, bringing about an interesting art concept.

An art student at Northern Michigan University decided as a senior project to focus on the once-thriving air base. The concept was to bring back and remember the past while merging it with current-day realities.

Senior art student, Heather Chouinard says, “The people are from the past Air Force, the building is the present and the people are transparent looking to make the focus be on the past.”

“When you are walking through the building you can kind of get that feeling…what was this like when the Air Force base was alive and vibrant? I think she has captured that in her photography,” said Telkite Enterprises executive director Vikki Kulju.

Telkite showcased the artwork at a recent open house in the former Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Building.