NICE Winter Choral Concert…a gift for the community

Children of all ages brought some holiday cheer to the community this morning at the Westwood High School Auditorium.

Students from Aspen Ridge Middle School sang alongside their High School counterparts during the Annual Winter Choral Concert. In addition to singing, students acted out small skits between songs to keep the audience entertained.

The program featured all of the usual holiday hits like “Frosty the Snowman,” but there were also some modern twists on old favorites.

“I love Christmas because it gives you a sense of family and friends. It’s not just getting, it’s giving,” said Miranda Roose, a Senior in the Voices in Motion choir. “There’s one song, ‘Jingle Bells,’ that you’ll be hearing, and there’s a little spin on it. It goes faster, and then it goes slower. It’s really fun. We’re also singing ‘Thankful,’ ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas,’ and there’s a song that my group will be singing called ‘Christmas Pipes.’ It’s a Celtic song. I’m going to really miss it. I love Christmas music, so it’s my favorite show of the year.”

The show continues tonight at 6:00. Admission is $3 with proceeds going towards the NICE Community Schools’ music programs.