Large crowd for sled dog rides

As thee countdown to the CopperDog 150 Race goes on, the organization held its annual Kids Dog Sled Rides at Agassiz Park in Calumet on Saturday.

Kids lined up to get their chance to rid around in a sled with a professional musher and actual race dogs.

CopperDog Marketing Director Todd Brassard says kids learn a lot about the races from actually participating in one.

“There’s a lot of different ways that people can learn about sled dog racing but one of the absolute best ways is just to have the kids come out on a sled and do a little hands–on experience,” Brassard said. “The mushers that are out here are pros and people that compete and run training centers. It’s just a beautiful opportunity for kids to get some hands–on experience.”

The event had free hot beverages and hot dogs.  People had a chance to purchase CopperDog merchandise as well.  Also, kids had the opportunity to take pictures with some of the Malamute dogs.

Brassard also spoke about the growing popularity of this event.

“The first year we did the rides, we had 35–50 kids come through.  Last year we had closer to 300 so this has actually become a very popular event.  It’s part of Christmas in Calumet so it’s great timing.  It creates a promotional opportunity for the event and it’s just a great time for the kids and their parents.”