Upper Michigan in the deep freeze with Wind Chill Advisory

It’s another bitter cold morning in Upper Michigan…and a ‘wind chill advisory’ is in effect for the region.   Be sure to bundle up if you’re headed outside.

It was another night of below zero temperatures across the region.  And, when the wind kicks in…it is dangerously cold.

The National Weather Service says, while it’s too early to predict how the entire winter will be – but, the current pattern is unseasonably cold.

Meteorologist Matt Zika is with the National Weather Service in Negaunee Township.  He says,  “Thirty minutes outside, exposed skin, with wind chill values of 30 below zero, you run the risk of seeing frostbite or if you are not wearing enough layers you run the risk of seeing hypothermia and things like that.”

The wind chill advisory continues until noon.

The last time it was this cold at this time of the year was December of 2008.