Free dogsled rides for kids in Calumet

This weekend, kids from all over the Copper Country will be able to ride around in a sled as if they were part of a race.

The Copper Dog 150 will hold free sled dog rides for kids at Agassiz Park in Calumet. Kids will sit in sleds as mushers guide the dogs around the park. The event branched off of interest that kids had for the Copper Dog race.

“The dogs are such a great interest and a great activity for the kids to get involved in,” CopperDog 150 assistant race director Kimberly Pici said. “We have a new educational program that’s on our website for kids, so this just kind of fits right in with that.”

The event is expected to draw a large crowd with people from all ages. Local events like these have only one goal in mind.

“Our mission for CopperDog is community vitality and giving back to the community,” Pici said. “I think any organization that has such a big event like us has to focus on things that we can do to give back to the community.”

The free rides will take place on Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m. Food and refreshments will be provided, along with opportunities to take photos with the dogs. Members of the CopperDog 150 race will be present to answer questions that anyone might have about volunteering for the race.