Students talk to Benishek through Skype

Some people say nothing beats face–to–face communication.

Skype merges face–to–face communication with technology and has more than 500 million users.  Students at Marquette Alternative High School used Skype Tuesday to talk with First District Congressman Dan Benishek.

The students could see first hand how trending technology can be used for education and not just social interaction.  But the real purpose of the session was to learn more about the person representing them in Congress.

“I asked him what his thoughts were on the gun laws and ObamaCare, he answered very thoroughly, he may have evaded them slightly but at the same time I got what I was looking for,” student Brandon Tebear said.

“It’s a new thing because you are use to sitting in a classes and doing the normal stuff, but it’s not everyday that you come in here and actually talk to the Congressman,” junior Daniel Lindstrom.

The students say it was a great experience and they hope to do more of this type of program.