Upper Peninsula Principal of the Year award

Students and staff at Superior Hills Elementary School in Marquette gathered this morning to celebrate an influential member of their school.

Principal Mike Woodard was honored with a MEMSPA Region 14 (Upper Peninsula)Principal of the Year award from the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association.**

Staff members planned a surprise assembly in the school’s gym to show appreciation for their favorite principal.

“There was a lot of excitement and a hardship of keeping this a big secret, too, but they did an awesome job, as they always do,” school secretary Mary Moore said.

“One or two five-year-olds might have said something to me a week or two ago, but otherwise, the first time I saw the video, it was heart-wrenching, and not in a negative way,” Woodard said. “It’s just beautiful, and it’s what I do it for, and it just reinforced that.”

Students and staff celebrated by singing songs, rapping and presenting Mr. Woodard with an assortment of gifts.

“They gave me roses for my wife.  She will be really happy to get those tonight.  They gave me a new hat, a new tie, lots of hugs…it’s just beautiful,” he said. “And a couple trophies, I made a couple trophies today. It’s a beautiful morning, it will be a great day.”

Mr. Woodard usually prefers to be behind the scenes, but today he was certainly the center of attention.

**The recognition was mistakenly listed as “Michigan Principal of the Year” award in ABC 10 broadcasts Monday, December 9.