Day two of federal bath salts trial

An Upper Peninsula man returned to U.S. District Court in Marquette for day two of his federal trial on drug charges. Scott Will is facing a five-count indictment involving the synthetic drug commonly called bath salts.

Zachary Blacksmith, a Michigan State Police forensic scientist, testified first. Blacksmith said he tested the evidence samples taken from the investigation. He testified that most of the samples were found to contain two substances commonly used in bath salts.

Kristen Bergeron of Baraga took the stand next. She’s serving time for conspiracy to distribute the two substances that Blacksmith referred to. Bergeron testified that she began using and selling bath salts after Will introduced her to the drug earlier this year.

Matt Pineda of Lake Linden was next. He’s behind bars for forgery and uttering and publishing. Pineda said he began to crave bath salts after meeting Will earlier this year and buying the drug from him.

Gerald Dahlstrom, a former cook at many Marquette restaurants, also testified. He’s serving a one–year sentence for retail fraud. Dahlstrom said he began to smoke and sell bath salts after Will and another man introduced him to the drug.

Will’s trial is expected to continue for the remainder of the week. Cameras are not permitted inside federal courtrooms.