Secretary of State offices now accept Visa credit, debit cards

LANSING, Mich. – All Secretary of State offices now accept Visa branded credit and debit cards at the counter allowing customers to use one of the most widely used cards in the United States, Secretary of State Ruth Johnson announced today.

“This is a huge step forward as far as customer convenience because Visa is a card that so many people carry,” Johnson said. “I’m so pleased because this will truly help our customers. It means they won’t have to scramble to find an alternative way to pay if they are Visa members.”

The state of Michigan and Visa resolved issues that had previously prevented Visa from being accepted at the counter. Secretary of State offices have accepted Discover and MasterCard for a number of years.

Before today, Visa was accepted for transactions completed through the mail, online at or at Self-Service Stations. Customers who use a credit or debit card are charged a nominal processing fee.