Stomping incident during title game

With 5:25 left in the second quarter of the Division 7 football championship game between Detroit Loyola and Ishpeming on Saturday, a Detroit Loyola defender appeared to stomp on the back of Ishpeming Hematites center David Simula.

On second and six from the Hematites 17-yard line, Simula snapped the ball and he attempted to block a Detroit Loyola defender. The Bulldogs defender side-stepped the block and then he appeared to stomp on Simula with his left foot.

ABC 10 Sports reached out to the Michigan High School Athletic Association about this play. The MHSAA told ABC 10 Sports that they do not review film and that any sportsmanship issues that occur are to be handled between the two schools.

The Ishpeming athletic department is aware of this play and they have attempted to contact the Detroit Loyola athletic department.

To view this play, click here. Fast forward to the 48:30 mark of the link to view the play.