Donating venison to U.P. food banks

For those hunters lucky enough to get a deer this season can help others in need by donating the meat of their deer.

Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger is accepting deer donations to help the food shortage in the Upper Peninsula.

Last year, the men and women of Sportsmen Against Hunger donated 30,000 pounds of processed venison to U.P. food banks. Nearly half of those who use food banks are children and the elderly.

To donate, simply drop off venison at a participating butcher shop.

“We will process it, there is no cost to the hunter at all. They can donate the whole deer or just part of it or some of the ground meat,” Northern Meats owner Glenn Andrews said. “We process it, then turn it over to The Salvation Army. (It’s a) Great program to help the community, if you are a hunter and you don’t use all of your venison but enjoy hunting, just drop it off and we can take care of it.”

For more information, call (586) 552-6517, or visit the Sportsmen Against Hunger website.