Delta County validates Concealed Pistol Licenses

Hundreds of Delta County Concealed Pistol Licenses have been deemed valid by the Delta County Gun Board.

The decision comes after a thorough investigation into the training provided by James Peacock of Superior Weapons, who was suspended by the NRA on October 15th. Peacock testified before the board, detailing what instruction materials were taught during his tenure as an NRA certified trainer. An NRA training counselor was also present to corroborate the information provided and help determine whether it complied with state law.

“Persons in Delta County, who were trained by Mr. Peacock and by other instructors throughout the state of Michigan, all of those permits that were issued in the past years were valid, are valid, and remain valid,” said Delta County Sheriff Gary Ballweg. “There was no status change. There never was a status change contemplated. Those students all met the criteria for a license here in Michigan. The instruction that they received from their instructors, including Mr. Peacock, all contain materials that satisfy the state law.”

“The NRA apparently suspended the license because he was not giving NRA materials and not using NRA certificates,” noted Delta County Prosecutor Steve Parks.

The Delta County Clerk received the suspension notice from the NRA on October 16th and forwarded the information to the Prosecuting Attorney the next day.

“I talked to the County Clerk and she reminded me that she forwarded a message. So, I looked on my email and actually found it there. The fact is, as was explained this morning, it really wasn’t a particularly big deal at the time to any of us on the board because Mr. Peacock was not conducting courses after his suspension. He was being monitored to see if he was conducting courses, which he wasn’t. We were looking for paperwork to see if he was conducting courses after his suspension, and he wasn’t. So, there really, from our perspective – my perspective and my colleagues on the board, was nothing to be concerned about.”

As of now, no criminal charges have been filed and no further investigation will take place.