Students learn collective bargaining

Negotiating, compromising, and learning the ins and outs of contract work.

High school students from the Upper Peninsula got a taste of what’s it’s like to negotiate union contracts today during a collective bargaining workshop.

The students were split up into teams and were either union or management.

“A lot of the students are going to be going out into the real world and working real jobs, working union, working management and this is going to give them the skills and knowledge to understand how collective bargaining happens,” Negaunee High School Teacher Marius Grazulis said.

“I like talking and I like debating so it’s been pretty fun for me,” Negaunee High School student Aubri Romback said.  ” We tied our wages to the drug alcohol testing that they gave us so that way, if they don’t agree to our wages proposal, we won’t agree to their drug–alcohol proposal.”

The students were also treated to a demonstration by the Marquette Board of Light and Power.

The workshop was put on by the U.P. Labor-Management Council and MARESA.