New dictionaries handed out to third graders

Technology took a backseat Tuesday at Lakeview Elementary School.

There are only a few books that have stood the test of time.  The dictionary has always been a main reference tool for students.

The Negaunee Elks made a special visit to Lakeview to personally present third graders with a personalized dictionary.

The local Elks chapter even got a special introduction before each class today at school.

“This is the group of the Negaunee Elks, there names are Pam Genskie, Mike Ilmonen, and Doug Dushane,” Third grader Cambrie Perala said.

“I believe that we are never going to get away from books, as much as we have technology and embrace technology with our iPads, phones, computers, everything like that,” Negaunee Elks member Mike Llmonen said.  “I believe that there is still a place in this world for books and especially a dictionary.”

“(You need a dictionary) Because if you don’t know what one of the words mean you can look it up in a dictionary,” Third grader Mckenzie Rae said.