Home invasion suspect denied early release

joshuwa mcmillan 1 shot

Joshua McMillan

A Chippewa County man has been denied early release from jail on a home invasion charge stemming from a series of break–ins.

Joshua McMillan, 21, of Trout Lake Township had an early release hearing in Chippewa County Circuit Court Tuesday.

A judge denied his request to be freed early.

Joshua McMillan is serving a year in jail for home invasion and will then have to spend eighteen months on probation.

Chippewa County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested him and his father, Victor McMillan, at their home in June.

victor mcmillan 1 shot

Victor McMillan

Authorities say they found in their house several items that had been reported stolen from other homes within walking distance.  During the search, a deputy fell through a trap door in the floor and found a marijuana grow operation.

Victor McMillan is scheduled for trial on December 4.

He is charged with home invasion, possession of stolen property, and possession of marijuana.