Open house shows Graveraet as elementary school

Parents and their kids were able to get a tour of a potential new elementary school Monday night.

Marquette Area Public Schools hosted an open house at Graveraet to show how the school would be converted into a new K–5 building.

Using Graveraet as an elementary school is part of the school board’s proposed realignment plan that would streamline the district’s elementary schools.

If the realignment plan is approved, Graveraet would hold about 300 students.

“Maybe the biggest concern (from parents) might be the little students dealing with stairs within this building, but other than that I haven’t heard any major concerns,” MAPS Director of Auxiliary Services John Kurkowski said.  “I think people love Graveraet and most people in the community think it’s well suited for instruction at any grade level.”

Kurkowski said realignment is something that not only the district wants, but parents too.

“Parents really want that K-5 concept,” Kurkowski said.  “They want the students to stay in the same school for a long time, and the K-5 concept allows that to happen, and then of course moving on to a middle school concept 6-8 and ultimately the high school at 9-12, but it just gives those students a longer opportunity at their younger, more vulnerable years if you will, to be at a younger grade level.”

The open house continues Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m.

The MAPS school board will vote on the realignment plan at their meeting on December 2.