Mobile app brings Marquette to smartphones

A new mobile app for smartphones and tablets brings the city of Marquette to the palm of your hand.

Marquette Mobile launched in mid-October. More than 1,000 people have downloaded it in the last 30 days. The app promotes Marquette events and attractions, and it does much more. It can direct you to a fun night out and even hail a taxi for you.

“We have community calendar events available,” Marquette Mobile developer Andrew Lorinser said. “We have details on 10 or more events every day. There’s a plethora of information. You can use interactive maps; there’s a business directory.”

The app also collects news stories and other information from local print and broadcast sources. It updates every 5 minutes, and ABC 10 is one of its most popular feeds.

“I think my generation is the one of sharing; we share everything on the Internet,” Lorinser said. “And what I’ve done (is), I’ve kind of taken the municipal resources available on the Internet, the news media outlets, and kind of conglomerated it all into one.”

Marquette Mobile is compatible with Droid, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and other tablets. It’s free to download from Marquette Mobile’s website, Google Play, iTunes, the Apple App Store and