Staying safe in a hunting stand

Most hunters have a secret weapon for a successful hunt.

For some it is the opportunity to be part of nature, for others it is the challenge of the hunt.

Either way, conservation officers say staying safe and remembering the rules should always be the main priority.

“If they are going to be hunting from a raised platform it’s a good idea to have a safety harness, a safety vest, it enables you to  be safe on your way up and your way down from your tree stand,” Conservation Officer Ryan Aho said.  “They need to immediately tag the deer, validate the kill tag and attach it to the animal.”

“Statewide, the hunting season generates about one point three billion dollars for the state economy as well, so it’s very significant and much of that stays here in the U.P.,” Derek Bush from the Lake Superior Community Partnership said.  “People come to the area and spend time at the grocery stores, the bars for entertainment, spending time at the local establishments, gas stations, hotel, and that money stays here as well to benefit the people in the community.”

Michigan is ranked number three in hunter participation with 800,000 participants each year.